So Much More Than A Doorbell


    Last month we brought you Piper, the smart and elegant security and home automation system that connects your phone to the inside of your home but what about the space around your home? Specifically right outside your front door. You’ll never miss a welcomed or unwelcomed visitor because today’s app is a doorbell that acts as a security camera…or is it a security camera that acts like a doorbell?
    Ring, formally Doorbot, is a doorbell and camera in one.  It allows you to view anyone coming to your front door via wi-fi. The goal with this little device is to be a pre-alarm system.  You get an alert sent right to your phone every time someone rings your doorbell. The camera allows you to see exactly who it is and with the two-way microphone, you can even speak to them making it look like you’re home even when you’re thousands of miles away.  That way it will always look like someone’s home.
    The device itself comes in multiple colors to match the esthetic of your home and it’s super easy to install. You can connect it to your existing doorbell wiring or run it off the built-in battery.  It’s even weather proof.  Connect it to your home’s wi-fi and you’ll have guest notifications coming to your smart phone and tablet before you know it.
    Beyond the doorbell, the device is also outfitted with infrared sensors that give it night vision and has motion detection software that can alert you to any activity happening in front of your house.  You can sleep soundly and go on vacation knowing your house is being watched over.

    Check out this great video that explains even more about this great little addition to your home security system.

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