Top 5 Cool Apps of 2014

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    Technology is getting more amazing everyday …. Cool apps are shared with you monthly. Here’s a recap of the 5 most read in 2014r:

    1. Fitbit: Will not only track your activity but help you eat better, sleep better and keep you overall motivated to meet your goals.
    2. Brewster: Stores information about each of your contacts including important dates, favorite interests, education and employment information.
    3. Nest Protect: A smarter sleeker solution to the smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.
    4. Sitegeist: Show your clients details about their new neighborhood instantly.
    1. Flashissue: Set up and send out custom emails by pulling content from your favorite websites.

    There you have it! We hope you’ve enjoyed Cool Apps this year and will continue to follow us for more great technology ideas in 2015.

    Happy New Year!


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